Sunday, November 11, 2012



Some people said fantasy is good for your creativity but too many fantasy can lead to something unreal. I'm worried I got in that situation right now. Fantasies are filling in my head almost the whole day, every single day. 

I guess I let my fantasies taken control of my mind. Sigh~ this is what happen when I feel stress out (maybe) or when there's workload of assignments, reports bla bla bla waiting, need to be done immediately.

Fantasize, dreaming. That's what I do every day in this couple of days. I don't know what have gotten inside me. Maybe I've watched too much K-pop so the sensation are swept all over me. Demm~~

But, for now and for me too, that's the only way I'm letting my stress out. Every time I'm coming from the office, the exhaustion has taken control of my body. And I want nothing less than to watch something funny or anything related to my favorite to release my tension. No more report, no more assignment, no more anything as soon as I've come back to my room.

What's with my laptop broke down, I've to spend lots of time to read fictional books as alternatives. So, its a good thing really because I can sharpen my English. I think my English have gone pretty bad lately. That's all about my blabbering for today.

p/s: I know I've messed up the sentences so please don't bother. I don't know what I'm thinking right now. Peace~